Monday, 16 June 2014

Cakeworld Project

Our students in CakeWorld today have been exploring some key skills of Baking 101 – making cupcakes and trialling out how to colour, roll and shape royal icing.  They’re very excited about the project of creating the Sphinx, Pyramids, Petra and Maccu Piccu.

Students have been generating some initial ideas and responses to the project (see pics) and have been creating some cupcake designs.

We have already allocated a  Star Baker award to mason who not only worked solo on the cupcakes, but was resilient at trying new skills and for someone who ‘doesn’t know how to crack an egg’, did a pretty darn impressive job!!   We have been surprised, impressed and proud of how they have all taken to Day 1 of this project…our trip to The Hancock Museum tomorrow will be an exciting adventure…we get to meet a real-life (dead hehe) mummy!

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