Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Developing a rubric in three Steps

Start point- identifying common qualities
Breaking down detailed qualities_ how will they know it's a job well done

These qualities are then broken down into three standards. Starting at what they would need to do to work at the desired standard, and then stepping stones from not having that quality to doing it poorly and then onto quite well. This tool should help students plan their work, check it of their own accord, have conversations about quality and critique with a common language. 

Below Standard
Working Towards Standard
Working at standard
Working above Standard
Back Story
No event has taken place

Explanation of character not considered.
an event has occurred but it is unclear how this has led to the current situation

The event taken place lacks the significance or importance needed.

The event is difficult to believe.

Back story is just linked to flaws and talents no bigger picture of character.
an event has occurred  that leads to the current situation.

The event must be significant to the character eg tragic or unfortunate.

The event provides motivation for the quest.

The event must be rooted in reality and be relatable.

Backstory reveals/ explains character eg flaws and talents

Simple appearance only is described

written in a combination of 1st and 3rd person

the protagonist lacks uniqueness
mental character revealed but not linked to BS

Physical appearance not related to mental character

it is difficult to relate to the protagonist. They are too different to us.

Written in 1st or 3rd person

the protagonist has an uniqueness for either abilities or Vulnerability
Mental character is revealed and linked to BS

Physical Character is revealed and may be linked to mental character.

The protagonist is a human like or easily relatable

emotional character revealed and is written in 1st or 3rd person omniscient

mental, physical and Emotional appearance are interrelated

the protagonist has an uniqueness for BOTH their abilities and Vulnerability

Everyone is called space pants.
Names are cool but not necessarily consistent, or revealing
is Consistent with BS eg Nationality

Some names will have other meanings

Some names will represent “character values”

Too few minor characters
Too many minor characters.
1 protagonist
1 antagonist
2-3 minor characters

the relationship is too simple between the Pand A or is based on simple characteristics

The relationship does not change

the quest is independent of th relationship

The PA relationship is simple based on one feature

The relationship is represented in only one way - emotional or physical or emotional

The change in the relationship is not clear or is difficult to spot.

the dependence of the quest upon the relationship is not clear

Other character relationships are too complex may detract from plot

These relationships dont add to the plot
the PA relationship is complex and intertwined

There are multiple connections between them

the connections are represnted in a commination of physical, mental and emotional ways

The PA realtionship MUST change over time

The PA realtionship must be dependent upon the QUEST

Other relationships should be simpler

Other relationships act as plot devices

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