Monday, 23 June 2014

Project Successes So Far....(1)

On Monday Project Leaders were asked to provide a few lines about the successes in the project so far.... Here's a sample of what teachers feel is going well in the projects which was read out to the whole campus....

PROJECT:  It's Ghana be alright pet with Miss Parnell, Mrs Arthur and Miss Peters
Three excellent trips to understand the culture of the North East in more depth- the students were true representatives of the school. Their work room has a brilliant supportive learning atmosphere due to all the positivity from the students. Keep up the good work!

PROJECT:  Life as a professional athlete with Mr Horrocks Mr Rooney
Kerry Leonard "mugging off" Chris Cassidy by catching the American Football above him Bradley. Lloyd. Denon. Adam. Leading every warm up. 1st interception touch down to. Taylor!

PROJECT:  I dig plants with Mr Middleton and Mrs Smeaton
Really great displays starting to come together using information gained from out trips last week. Some really good examples of resiliency and acting on advice being shown in our drafts of work.

PROJECT:  Crammy Wipeout with Mr Bowman, Miss Devin, Miss Taylor and MrChandler

Crammy Wipeout have set themselves high expectations and have recently completed their fifth draft of the assault course that we'll build on exhibition day. Everyone is making a great effort, both physically and academically. Highlights are Craig Lamb's team spirit in the gym, William Morris' scale drawings of the course, Daniel Plant's and Karhr Bamrah's contribution to the website and Josh Martlew's determination in every practical challenge. Keep up the hard work lads!

Project: Wind Power.... I'm a massive fan with Dr Kemp/Mr Kilpatrick
All 6 groups have already constructed and tested prototype turbine blades and all have successfully carried out complex performance calculations that go beyond the A-Level Physics specification! Designed and constructed bases for final turbines using recycled plumbing plastics- awesome problem solving skills. After a site visit last Wednesday, their work has received interest from a number of different renewable energy companies including NAREC (National renewable energy centre), the world's leading researchers for blade testing. As a result, the project is due to be in the local newspaper later this week after a press release on Friday!
PROJECT: Harry Potter meets the 21st Century with Miss Rowe and Mrs Sutherland

Our greatest success from last week was producing a fantastic app that will go on Google Play for everyone to use, that tells people how Harry Potter is connected to Alnwick Castle.  Students went on an information gathering day at Alnwick Castle taking photographs and making notes for the app.  Then students have worked independently and collaboratively to put the work together. This week we are going to be using Raspberry Pi's to create a quiz using computer programming, language to see what people have learned about Harry Potter and Alnwick Castle using the app.

PROJECT: Explore WW1 by bike with Mr Crick, Mr Fleming, Ms White and Mr Taylor
Greatest successes: The group has acted on feedback to grow as a cycling team by working on the communication and discipline needed to cycle effectively in a large group. Some outstanding research has been undertaken to find local WW1 sites including the sites of German Zeppelin raids which the group has skilfully mapped and navigated us to, by bike. The group were a credit to CLV at Blyth Battery and managed to make it home despite being full of fish and chips! Keep up the great work!

PROJECT: Who Could Make Kate Moss Look Good in Trash? with Mrs Young, Miss Teasdale,  Mrs Maddison

Greatest success was going to the Northumbria Uni "Reveal" fashion exhibition and then students coming back and using the ideas they had seen to make their designs and then critiquing each others work.  The resilience of this group has been amazing.  

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