Monday, 23 June 2014

Project Successes So Far.... (2)

On Monday Project Leaders were asked to provide a few lines about the successes in the project so far.... Here's a sample of what teachers feel is going well in the projects which was read out to the whole campus....

PROJECT: Dogs with Jobs with Laura Couch and Amy McVay

We met the deadline for the calendar to be prepared ready for exhibition Saturday. All the photos were taken by the students after learning about how to take action photos of dogs from a professional photographer. A special thank you must go to Katherine Sayer for her hard work editing and uploading the photos in her own time.
Also a massive thank you to Owen George who is doing work experience with us, he's mature, thoughtful and incredibly hard working!

PROJECT: Childs Play - You're Hired with Charlotte Hodgson, Sarah Shepherd, Lisa Keenlyside

We are very proud of our year 9 group, they have been committed to the project from day one. We have been out and about last week to soft play, Team Valley and interviewing shoppers at manor walks and a local baby group. Their enthusiasm and behaviour has been fantastic throughout these trips and they have worked hard to create an original product for the baby/toddler market. This week, they are pitching their idea to JoJo Mamma Bebe and Mothercare and we wish them all the best of luck in doing so. Keep up the good work!

PROJECT: Bewitch the Mind and Ensnare the Senses with Helen Black and Claire Mark

The girls doing the Bewitch the Mind and ensnare the Senses project have worked incredibly well last week and are ahead of schedule with their children's books! They visited Newcastle Central Mosque and Newcastle City library and were a real credit to our school, listening well and asking questions. Well done! W can't wait to perform for Hadrian school.

PROJECT: World Challenge Ghana with Miss Williams and Miss Shiell

Building, Plastering and painting two classroom blocks with educational murals for the Perfect Peace primary school in Essaman. Running the entire expedition themselves including managing the budget so well we have money left to give an extra donation to the school. We've all landed safely back at Heathrow this morning and can't wait to share our experiences with the 'It's Ghana be alreet pet' project on Wednesday.

PROJECT: Media For Surfers with Mr Bing, Mr Martin, Ms McGee.

After an amazing first week of surfing and research, the group are now totally in control of the project and are using their expertise as a basis to campaign on real life issues they care about. They are going to be using to media to make our oceans cleaner and safer places. There will be an opportunity for all to get involved in a couple of weeks time. Watch this space.

PROJECT: Clued Up with Miss Smith and Miss Wilkinson

The whole group have been fantastic. The highlights have been;
· the way they planned and produced a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal on a budget. They were all different and all absolutely delicious, prepared and cooked from scratch.
· the Boot Camp we did on the beach which was really challenging but huge fun

PROJECT: Was ist das? (Northumberlandia Project) with Mrs Clark Miss Crawley

We have been overwhelmed by the group’s enthusiasm as a whole, they are beginning to show a real eye for detail and an awareness of what makes great quality work. Also impressed with their dedication, organising a sponsored walk or run to raise money for the charity which runs Northumberlandia and also to fund extra resources which the students will make and print.

PROJECT: CakeWorld with Miss Dyer, Mrs Patrick and Mrs Hodson

Cakeworld is off to a self-raising start with students using maths, creativity and teamwork skills to design and structurally plan their cake creations. This week the Pyramids, Sphinx, Petra and macho Piccu will start to take shape and we will literally be up to our elbows in cake mix and icing! Join us at the National EAT festival, Sunday in Newcastle, to see our cakes on the Cake Planet!

PROJECT: From Archaeology to Artist with Miss Carmichael and Miss Elsy

A super group of students who are working really hard. They have created a clay sculpture, tile and fossil all in one week inspired by their Archaeology field trip last Monday. The students are sensible and have been really resilient in using a new material. Well done and keep up the great work this week!

PROJECT: Military Music Project with Miss Watson and Mr Rigby

· Fantastic camaraderie within the band, everyone is pulling together and persevering incredibly well. We have seen some amazing resilience from students as they teach themselves their instrument. Biggest success is that we can already play 3 pieces very well and have one more to learn this week! The band now have 6 gigs lined up for this week!

PROJECT: Get Active On A Shoestring with Miss Joyce-Gibbons, Mr Pooley, Mr Horner and Mr Best

A great start to the project. The group approached all activities enthusiastically and with a ‘can-do’ attitude. On Friday, we asked the students to reflect on the highlights of week 1. They were: the 6 mile walk at Ingram Valley, Pitch and Putt at Whitley Bay, the team building challenges, Mr Horner’s shoestring bootcamp and obviously the fish and chips at South Beach.

PROJECT: Trash to Cash Mr Morris & Mr Wright

Well done guys for working great together, you are starting to become better organised and planning ahead which is really improving the quality of your outcomes.

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