Thursday, 26 June 2014

Summary of day plans

P1 - Our main objective was to start forming the cakes. So after everyone did a little bit more writing in their logbooks they were sent to Imagine to start. First of all everyone was set to plan where their cakes were going to be on their boards. The pyramid and Petra groups had to use some of the math that they had learned to do this. The Petra group learned that their cakes stacked up on one another was not high enough so they had to calculate how many more cakes to bake and baked them before period 2. The Machu Picchu group also discovered they needed one more cake and baked this before period 2.
P2 - After planning everyone was sent to start cutting the cakes and making the marshmallow crispy cakes. Then when one or two groups were making these supervised the other groups got icing to start binding their cakes together. This ran into period 3.
P4 - Everyone started to reflect what they did and set individual or group objectives for tomorrow.  
P1 - When everyone was present they were sent to imagine to start adding the icing on their cakes. The pyramid group placed their marshmallow rice crispy cakes on the top of the pyramid bases and spread butter cream around it to stick the icing to the pyramid. They had a few people doing this and the others were making and rolling out the icing. The Machu Picchu group used their one more cake to form more of the shape and started moulding the marshmallow rice crispy cakes into the ruins around the cakes. Then the Petra group were adding more layers to their cake. Finally the Sphinx group were either helping the Pyramid group or butter creaming their sphinx. A problem that the pyramid group had was that the 5 by 5 pyramids crispy's could not fit so they had to find a solution and decided to make it out of ginger bread. This ran into period 2.
P2 - All of the groups started rolling out their icing and started to stick them on the cakes. Then some people from all of the groups started to use some icing to make trees and people. Many of the groups showed resilience in their work since there were times when people started to get agitated at how things were working out.
P3 - Everyone returned to Explore and started to reflect what they did today and what they need to do tomorrow.

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