Thursday, 26 June 2014

Press Release The Writers of The Round Table Project

Young writers at Cramlington Learning Village have published their own anthology of short stories.

The 13 budding writers created the book as part of the school’s annual Project Fortnight. Every year students are asked to undertake a project that interests them from a range of choices on offer. But the year nine students decided that none of the projects appealed so they wrote to the school’s Deputy Head asking for permission to write and publish their own book instead. One of the young writers in the project, Elisha Dodds, said: “The projects this year just didn’t inspire us. There was nothing that jumped out like in previous years. So we spoke up and something amazing came from it.”

The students had to write the fantasy stories and produce the anthology in just two weeks. In order to perfect the work, they met an author and a story teller, visited Newcastle city centre libraries and bookshops for inspiration and underwent several brutally honest critique sessions.’
Head teacher, Mrs Heslop said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in writing and to develop their English skills. The one quality that makes this project unique is the fact that, with minimal help from staff, these students have completely planned and implemented every aspect of this entire 2 week project. One of the teachers involved, Mr Mead, told us: “When I first heard about this my first thought was: it’s about time. Their email was eloquent and persuasive, and I’m glad that this could happen. It’s great to see students collaborate so intensely, professionally and so well. I am looking forward to reading the full anthology.” These students have, by all accounts, truly accomplished something exceptional.

The anthology will be available to order for £5 by emailing and contains several short stories and a short comic strip, created by one of the writers.

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