Thursday, 19 June 2014

What have you done to maintain the classroom culture?

These quotes from the teachers running projects highlight three very important parts of maintaining classroom culture
1. We all need to see what the purpose of the "team" is, so that we can worrk together.
2 Community an dculture need regular attention.
3. Critique is a great way to build supportive learning communities. 

Regular critique & a culture of optimism - a 'we can do' & 'nothing is out of our reach' approach. 

Took the Crammy Wipeout students out on a trip to meet Britain's strongest man today who owns a strongman gym in Consett. Students treat him like a celebrity; taking pictures of him at the end of the workout he had designed them. This was an opportunity to show a range of fitness strategies. The activities encouraged critiquing technique and team spirit by supporting other students. I asked students to write a paragraph about the experience. Most wrote 3- 4 paragraphs. 

We have had an exciting day today! We started by reading each other's 1st drafts, offering valuable critiquing to each group. Groups were then able to make necessary changes to their work. We were then visited for a professional storyteller who explained how to read to children. Finally we visited Newcastle Central mosque, exploring the Muslim culture!
This constant team work and collaboration helps to promote a collective classroom culture of confidence and happiness, working with our new friends.

Past Present Future vintage
Briefings, regular review stops, critique. Setting up room and resources in a way that the students will engage with and respect(high quality resources).

We have encouraged students to take more of a lead in training and activities.

·         5 students have put themselves forwards as potential captains (4 slots available)
o   Students started to co-lead warm ups and help with equipment
·         Focus on a team culture – can’t win as individuals need constant critique and coaching of each other
·         Students watching video footage of their own plays to critique, soft on player hard on content
·         Skype call with coach from another flag football team from Darlington taking his team to USA.
o   Students see how he went from our stage to his over past 5-8 years ( Seeing the big picture)

 We did a gallery style show and tell and used post its to give feedback, groups then had 10 minutes to read their feedback and respond, including a to do list for the next session. We also did a literacy exercise on how to summarise information (not cut and paste!) using the funnel thinking map.

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