Friday, 13 June 2014

Flipped Learning in CLV Music Project

As part of our project students are tasked with writing an original song (or songs!) within two weeks.  The songs will be recorded, produced, promoted and sold on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify to a very real audience.  Students will also create a dance performance to go with their tracks which will be performed with a live version of the music on our exhibition day.

In order to meet this challenge the students will need to learn a variety of skills.  To support them with this we are running workshops in the first two days of the project on Promotion, Dance and Songwriting/production.  We decided that there was a great opportunity for some independent learning here.  Whilst staff will facilitate the workshops on Promotion and Dance we will expect students to use technology to carry out an ‘independent’ workshop on songwriting.   The aim of this is to give them the chance to research this area and build up an initial understanding before the Wednesday where they will get their hands on recording equipment and will be supported by a teacher to begin the writing, production and recording of their music.  There are tasks included here which they can do at home to help them prepare for their learning in school (similar to the flipped learning concept but it’s up to them whether they do this in school or at home).

The access to technology makes this simple.  Students access a google form created by the teacher.  Embedded within this form are videos, tasks and questions.  The students work through these sessions at their own pace (with an extension workshop available for those who want it) and the comments they make are returned to the teacher so we can track their progress, understanding and initial thoughts.

The three workshops are below.  Note they spread onto more than one page so feel free to fill them in to get to and see the following pages.  The forms below are copies so I have no problem with you filling in answers of your own and submitting if you feel the need.  And no comments on my introduction video thanks – I had time for one take – it is what it is!! For anyone interested the video was made using Screencastify – a free recording tool)!

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Extension workshop

Note you can still buy last year’s track on Spotify and iTunes.  Search for “CLV Music” and look to ‘Nothing to Say’.  If you are a cheap skate and want to watch it for free you can see their music video here (although this is only one of the three tracks and the sound level drops throughout the video).

This year’s song will be released ready for purchase by Monday 30th June.  Please keep an eye out for it (we will post the link here when it is ready) and please support the students by buying it.  The money raised will be going to a charity of their choice.


Phil Spoors.

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