Monday, 16 June 2014

What have you done to build a sense of community or team ethos?

Here's a selection of ideas from around project fortnight :

1.       Names with stickers on, reflection diary with a focus on shared responsibility and being a team player.

We have begun to build a team atmosphere by playing ‘get to know you’ games including: two truths one lie and name rhymes. Pupils have now been put into their groups and have presented their research to each other. We have discussed empathy and what we need to be as learners, teachers and friends.

Overall, a fabulous start J

They’re assigned into World Cup Teams and points are awarded for each activity. Good sportsmanship and organisation is also rewarded whilst poor behaviour/concentration can also see teams lose points.

A strong feature from our Group Agreement was the adoption of regular critique. We had our first round today, with some good feedback from the group. It was made very clear that the presenting group needed to take accurate notes during the process so that they then could use them as action points. The other important routine established was  drafting , with the acceptance that work completed today would be radically improved by June 27th. Not earth shattering I know, but important nonetheless.

Stiudents giving critique P3 as to what makes a great team (look, feel, sound). Groups allowed to fail, review as to what went wrong and next steps forward. Result? Damian and Kieran self-regulating their behaviour by leaving their respective groups temporarily, designing and modelling an awesome clock, whilst still maintaining responsibility within their original group.

Students  mentioned in today's review that they like that it is a "real audience and product"

We just did a getting to know you game (find the lie) and came up with a class agreement, will be more SoP and feedback agreement on Wednesday after trip tomorrow.

To build up team we have a rewards board. We award stamps for team work, problem solving, new knowledge, developing a skill, and giving specific and helpful feedback. The team the with the most points everyday wins a prize. 

    The students have just ‘got on with it’
·         No fuss or issues – students very cooperative with each other
·         We’ve used Quality Audience, counting back from 5, played a team game on Monday morning

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