Sunday, 15 June 2014

School as Base Camp

Over the next two weeks Project Fortnight will undertake 63 trips from school, including the World Challenge trip to Ghana. Some are on foot, some visit our project "clients", some are active, some are artistic, some are cultural, some are community ventures, some are fact finding trips. All are part of engaging students in schooling and are opportunities to think like geographers, runners, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, scientists, horticulturists, designers, cyclists, musicians, historians etc.

The idea of "school as base camp" is not a knew one, but has been summarised neatly by  Learning Futures  defining it as :
School as ‘Base Camp’: A genuine 21st century school should be a base camp rather than a single destination – a place where students meet to explore learning opportunities that take them into their communities, onto the web, and to local businesses and employers. It should also be a hub that creates connections with families, and with learning partners beyond school.

Stay tuned for updates from the trips to find out what the students learn as a result of them.

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